Why Is My Furnace Making A Banging Noise?

The noises could be banging noises, shrieking noises, scraping noises, rattling and rumbling, whistling, popping, and humming noises. While some noises are common like low humming but loud humming could be due to a bad blower fan.

Here Are Some Common Causes Of Noises In Your Furnace:

Blower Wheel Is Broken

When your furnace blower wheel breaks, your furnace will sound like metal scraping against metal, which can be very painful to your ears! If you hear this noise, immediately switch off your furnace. This part of your furnace will almost certainly need to be replaced, but don’t panic; it’s a relatively simple repair that can generally be completed in an hour or less. Although this is unusual, it does happen from time to time.

Inflation In Your Air Ducts

The blower motor sends warm air into your house’s air ducts at the start of a heating cycle. Inflation in your air ducts is the source of a loud popping noise when your furnace is turned on. When warm air hits cold air ducts, the metal expands to meet the temperature difference. The source of the popping sounds, on the other hand, could be tainted gas burners in your furnace. As your furnace becomes older, silt will begin to accumulate on the burners. If the debris from the gas burners is not removed each year, a considerable volume of gas will collect and develop holes in your heat exchanger.

Something Is Loose In Your Furnace

There will be vibrations in your furnace if something is loose. When a portion in your gas or electric furnace gets too loose, it might cause other components to break. An inspection of the blower motor, hot surface ignitor, heat exchanger, or gas burners should be performed by a technician. To tighten loose parts in your furnace, you’ll need the tools and equipment of a certified specialist.

Dirty Burners

You should be concerned if you hear a loud bang or boom coming from your furnace. A filthy burner in your furnace is a common source of a loud blast or boom. Your furnace’s ignition may be delayed if the burners are filthy. As a result, rather than quickly igniting, the gas will build up. When the gas builds up enough, the spark will ignite all of the stored fuel, resulting in a small explosion inside your furnace. A trained HVAC specialist will need to fix this. One of the reasons why fall maintenance service is so crucial is because of this. Your burners will be inspected, cleaned, or replaced if necessary during this heating tune-up, removing this potentially dangerous condition.

Leakage Of Air

It’s possible that you have a leak in your air duct system if you hear a high-pitched whistling sound when using your heater. This is frequently the result of decaying ductwork and weak connections to the main ducting trunkline unless your HVAC system is brand new. The sound you’re hearing is likely air escaping from a leak. Of course, you don’t want any of the air to escape into your attic, where it serves no use, wastes energy, and raises your energy bills unnecessarily. This, too, can generally be detected and remedied during routine HVAC maintenance visits.

You’re probably right if you think the unit sounds odd or doesn’t sound as it typically does. A certified HVAC service professional should be dispatched as soon as possible. You’re dealing with flammable gases and carbon monoxide when you use a furnace. When it comes to your family’s health and safety, a furnace and its correct maintenance should be taken very seriously.

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